Training Clinic with Academia de Futbol de Catalunya



Wednesday July 17th to Friday July 19th

– The Clinics will run over three days at the Sydney Academy of Sport and is open to all NSW futsal players from ages 8 to 14 (male & female) regardless of affiliation.
– Santi Gea  renowned Futsal Coach of The Academia de Futbol will provide coaches to oversee our coaches whilst conducting the clinics
– This clinic will be used as stepping stone for selection to participate in a tour of Melbourne in September.
– Players can stay over in the Motel for the 2 nights where accommodation and meals will be provided. (up to 5 persons per room)
– Fee includes accommodation, clinic, polo shirt & insurance

CLINIC COURSE FEE $425.00 or $195.00 for clinic only
3 days with accommodation – $425
2 days with accommodation – $212

3 days no accommodation – $195
2 days no accommodation – $145
1 day no accommodation – $95

NSW Futsal League 2018

NSW Futsal Association is pleased to announce its intention to establish a NSW Futsal League for statewide junior and senior competitions.

Whilst we have already received support from several clubs, we also now seek “Expressions of Interest “ from others wishing to join an elite futsal competition.

Please call Mario Mesite on 0419 403 566 for further details.

Press Release – December 2017


It is with deep regret NSW Futsal Association will not continue with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the 2017/18 season. With continued uncertainty and National level in regard to Governance and the impact on development of Futsal we believe our best course of action is to go our separate ways.

The NSW Futsal Association would like to thank Football NSW for the courteous and respectful manner extended to us during the period of our MOU.

NSW Futsal Press Release

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Football NSW will end at the 30th September, 2017. NSW Futsal will review its position in regard to ongoing affiliation into 2018 and beyond.

Our major concern and an influencing factor in our decision process, is the lack of interest and support of FFA in the development and promotion of the sport.

Futsal, like many other sports is funded from the bottom up. Ultimately our player base funds the sport from grass roots to elite. Yet, we have no say or influence in how it is managed. Understandably, with official numbers so low and NSW the only State with significant numbers there is little money filtering through to FFA through capitations.

However, there seems to be a contradiction in FFA’s governance. They have a self-appointed board with no democratic system in place for stakeholders. Unless the stakeholders take ownership of Futsal it will never grow nor will have sufficient numbers to fund its programs.

There is probably around 100,000 people playing Futsal around Australia. Many of these are playing in private centres, YMCA’s and other social competitions not affiliated to their State Football Federations. High registration and insurance costs and the “eye for the dollar $$$” are probably the main reason these do not affiliate. I.e. What I am getting for my money?

There has been some banter on the possibility of unifying the sport. Whilst most Futsal purists would support this view there are too many factions with their own agendas. At present we have three National Futsal bodies:

AFA (Vikings)



We also have three Word Cups and various International Futsal events which each of these National Bodies support.

We have a proliferation of State Leagues, State and National Tournaments, and Futsal Academies (official and unofficial)

Unless each of these factions pulls together to manage and drive Futsal in Australia and until we take ownership away from FFA, the sport will never move forward.

We look forward to that day!

NSW Futsal Signs agreement with Football NSW

The NSW Futsal Association is proud to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed with Football NSW.  

In signing the MOU at Dee Why, Football NSW Chief Executive officer, Mr Eddie Moore was looking forward to the commitment which will see Futsal further develop as a sport on the continual rise.

“The signing of this agreement is testimony to the progress of futsal and Football NSW’s desire and commitment to continue to grow and develop the sport going forward.

“Football NSW is excited to work with the existing grassroots centres and the NSW Futsal centres to continue to grow the Futsal community.

“Further initiatives to develop facilities, competition structures, elite player pathways and connection with schools will be rolled out for the upcoming season”.

President of NSW Futsal, Mr Mario Mesite was delighted with the news and its new venture with Football NSW.

“The NSW Futsal Association is proud to declare its affiliation with Football NSW.

“With its focus on grass roots, NSW Futsal will bring 8,500 players from ten affiliates across 20 venues to the Football NSW membership to further unite the sport.

“We look forward to working with Football NSW to continue to enhance the development of grass roots Futsal.

“Through the first twelve months of our MOU, NSW Futsal will continue to deliver its programs to its affiliates and assist with transitional changes under the new governing body.

“Our member affiliates are delighted with the move to unite the sport and we all look forward to contributing to the growth of Futsal in NSW”.

Mr Frank Rossi, Chairman of the Football NSW Futsal Standing Committee saw this agreement as a step in the right direction for the sport of Futsal.

“Congratulations to everyone for achieving this positive development for Futsal in NSW and we look forward to welcoming the NSW Futsal Association players, administrators and local venues as Futsal continues to be the fastest growing Indoor sport.”


Accommodation Packages for State Championships!!

The Sydney Academy of Sport has some great accommodation packages available on site for teams who are travelling from outside the Northern Beaches.  Details are below:


1 night accommodation includes dinner, bed, breakfast, packed lunch and no linen – $79 per person
2 nights accommodation includes dinner, bed, breakfast, packed lunch and no linen – $158 per person Linen – $20 per set

Accommodation – Dormitory Style
24 rooms x 10 beds with 12 twin share rooms attached to a lodge of 2 x 10 beds.
Additional 50 beds in configuration of 4 to 8 share.

Packages for teams of 10 or less to be able to fit into rooms of 10.
Please provide one booking communicator, (e.g. manager or coach). This person will be responsible for booking team accommodation and payment. The booking will be made out to each team and individual payments will not be accepted (must be organised with team communicator).
Each team manager will receive a link to the Academy’s online registration. This link will need to be sent to every individual / team member. The online registration is a requirement for risk management and catering purposes. All participants must complete an online registration prior to attending camp.

Welcome to Coach Nicoletta Serigano from Italy

The NSW Futsal Association is proud to announce the arrival of Nicoletta Serigano from Italy.

Nicoletta is a UEFA (FIFA), FIGC and AIAC qualified and recognized Futsal coach with a wealth of international experience.

She will be running coaching courses, futsal clinics, head coach of our Talented Athelte Program and much over the next 6 weeks.

All Futsal clinic dates and times will be posted on NSW Futsal website and Facebook page!!

Level 0 Futsal Coaches Exam Online NOW!!

The NSW Futsal Association is proud to announce the Level o Futsal Coaches Exam is now online!

The online exam is an entry level exam for any person wishing to become a Futsal Coach.  After successful completion the user will be able to print out their NSW Futsal Coaches Certificate.

Make sure to read over the Coaches Workbook which you will find in PDF format on the page before the exam.

CLICK HERE to read the Coaches Workbook and to take the Level o Futsal Coaches Exam

To be eligible for our upcoming Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches courses you must first obtain your Level 0 Coaches Certificate.

Level 0 Futsal Referee Exam Online NOW!!

The NSW Futsal Association is proud to announce the Level o Futsal Referee Exam is now online!

The online exam is an entry level exam for any person wishing to become a Futsal Referee.  After successful completion the user will be able to print out their NSW Futsal Referee Certificate.

We highly recommend reading over the Futsal Laws of the Game which can found through Google.

CLICK HERE to take the Level 0 Futsal Referee Exam